The Easiest Way to Get Dental Fillings for Kids: Lasers!

It’s no secret that kids dread dental visits and cavity fillings. Usually, that’s due to the dental drill's noise, the discomfort of numbing procedures, and the post-treatment effects. This fear often leads their parents to avoid necessary dental care, such as cavity fillings, allowing conditions like tooth decay to worsen.

Pretty African American little girl in the dental office is happy because her filling will not hurt - dentist uses laser dentistry for kids in Palo Alto


of children aged 6 to 8 years have had a cavity in their baby teeth while 57% of kids aged 12 to 19 have had a cavity in their permanent teeth. Suffice it to say, cavities are a major oral health problem that won’t go away on their own.

However, there are emerging, advanced technologies that make dental fillings for kids a painless, anxiety-free dental visit. Read on to discover how to make your child’s dental visit for cavities a breeze.

Did You Know That Your Kids Can Have Their Cavities Fixed with Lasers?

Yes, you read that right! Lasers! In Palo Alto, Little Bytes Dentistry is at the forefront of a dental revolution, leveraging the innovative Solea laser to replace traditional tools for procedures such as gum surgery and dental fillings. This approach not only addresses patient anxiety but also streamlines the treatment process.

The Solea laser's precision allows dentists to perform procedures like dental fillings and gum surgery without the need for anesthesia, eliminating the discomfort associated with needles. This both saves time and enables dentists to attend to your child efficiently.

One of the key advantages of the Solea dental laser is its ability to expedite procedures by eliminating the wait time for anesthesia to take effect. Kids can now receive this dental treatment immediately upon arrival, leading to faster appointments and reduced chair time. It’s a night-and-day experience for little ones who are experiencing a cavity.

There’s also the added benefit that you can tell your kids that there will be lasers at their next dental appointment! How cool is that?

Is Laser Dental Treatment Right for My Child’s Cavity?

For children in need of cavity fillings in Palo Alto, the Solea laser offers a game-changing solution by eliminating the fear of needles and numbing. The pediatric dentists at Little Bytes Dentistry can now provide painless cavity treatments using this non-invasive approach, ensuring a comfortable experience for young patients and their parents.

From gum surgery to cavity treatments, the Solea laser offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Minimal bleeding

  • No sutures

  • A comfortable, pain-free experience

  • No disruptive drill noises

In addition to cavity treatments, the Solea laser is also effective for procedures like frenectomies, tongue ties, tooth extractions, and gum tissue treatments like gingivectomy and tooth uncovering. The team at Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry is embracing this technology to provide anxiety-free dental care.

Is Laser Dentistry Painful?

In short, no. Laser dentistry is well known for being almost painless for dental fillings. Patients who feel anxious or are scared of needles during regular dental procedures should consider switching to laser dentistry. Most patients who have decay removed with a laser don't even need any type of anesthetic, including the commonly disliked novocaine shots into the gums.

What Laser Dentistry Can't Do for Kids with Cavities

In some challenging cases,

can be limited. For instance, the light may not reach the cavity effectively, resulting in the use of a drill. This is particularly true for cavities that develop between teeth.

Additionally, laser tools may not be suitable for patients with existing dental work. For example, if a cavity is located near an old filling, the dentist may choose to use a drill to avoid disturbing the filling with the laser.

While laser dentistry is a fantastic alternative to drilling in specific situations, determining its suitability for your child's cavity requires an evaluation by the Little Bytes ( team.

Laser Treatment for Kids’ Cavities in Palo Alto

With the possibility of painless treatments using the Solea laser, it’s a win-win for you and your child in taking care of cavities. With this innovative technology, your child can receive the care they need without fear at Little Bytes Dentistry in Palo Alto. Whether it's cavity fillings or other dental procedures, the team at Little Bytes is highly trained and board-certified, has over a decade of experience in pediatric dentistry, and offers the finest care ensuring your child is comfortable going to the dentist.

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