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Preventative pediatric dental care is crucial to your child’s oral health. This type of dental care for children includes routine visits to the pediatric dentist for checkups, X-rays, cleanings, and other essential aspects of preventing oral health conditions like cavities.
Every child deserves a healthy mouth, so don't hesitate to schedule preventative care with our board-certified pediatric dentists in Palo Alto at Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry.
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Why Is Preventative Dentistry Important for Children?

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Preventative pediatric dentistry seeks to keep children's teeth free from common oral conditions, like plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Scheduling routine visits with the best dentist for kids in Palo Alto allows us to watch your child's teeth develop and identify any oral conditions before they become more complicated. Some of the most common oral conditions that can be detected during a routine cleaning and promptly treated include:

  • ✓ Tooth decay or cavities

  • ✓ Mild gingivitis

  • ✓ Erosion of the enamel

By partnering with our pediatric dental team and having good at-home habits, you can prevent these common issues from affecting your child.

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Our Preventative Dental Care Services for Kids

Preventative pediatric dentistry in Palo Alto can begin when a child is 6 months old. Scheduling and keeping routine appointments contribute to your child's oral health and help them develop habits that last the rest of their lives.



During a routine dental exam, the dentist will examine your child's teeth, gums, and jaw to assess development and look for signs of cavities, gingivitis, or other oral health problems. We recommend periodic digital X-rays to see what's happening under the gums. These images provide valuable information that can't be seen with the naked eye.



Child teeth cleanings are just as important as adult cleanings in preventing tooth decay. Our hygienists will carefully clean your child’s teeth with specialized tools, removing any tartar that has developed. The hygienist will floss and polish your child's teeth and finish with fluoride treatment.

Our expert team will ensure that you know how to develop good at-home habits to practice between dental visits. But even with the best at-home routine, problems may develop. If any tooth decay or gum disease is found during your child's visit, we'll discuss the proper course of treatment to resolve the issue.



Dental sealants are placed on a tooth to fill deep grooves where bacteria can build up. They are made from a translucent resin material that blends in with the natural tooth. Once the sealant hardens, your child can eat without food becoming stuck to the enamel. This dental procedure reduces the risk of cavities in your child's teeth.

How Often Should My Child Visit the Dentist for Preventative Care?

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The standard recommendation for most children is to schedule visits every six months. However, more frequent visits may be required if there are developmental concerns with your child's teeth or oral health.

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