Is smartphone usage linked to children’s teeth injuries?

Using smartphones might be fun for children. It is useful to some extent as they get used to technology and become proficient at a very young age. There are several drawbacks noticed, especially when asked to put their phone down and do homework, or have dinner, etc. But there’s another noticeable risk that is tooth injuries.

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Using Phones while Lying Down Leads to Risk

Research conducted claims that children who use phones while lying on their backs might end up having certain dental injuries. Children mostly use smartphones to watch videos, play games, or to take selfies. All these activities are done by placing the phone directly above and ahead of their face, and if they drop it, then it can cause facial and dental injuries. A number of such cases were reported in several dental practices.

Age and Injury Risk

Children aged 2-5 are the ones at high risk, as they have softer facial structure. These children might end up losing their front teeth and also get their teeth shifted because of the trauma. Older children aged between 6-12 might use phones for lots of purposes and can continue this practice through their teenage as well.

Preventing Injuries

There are several strategies that the researchers want us to keep in mind, to reduce the risk of injuries related to phone, that include:

  • Limit their time spent on using cell phones

  • Do not let kids use their phones held over them

  • Better to get smaller phones for kids

Did your child injure a tooth?

If your child got his/her tooth injured by dropping the phone or other causes, then our dentist can help you out. If there are any visible chips on the primary tooth, then it can be repaired with the help of dental bonding. If there is no visible damage, then the dentist will check and ensure the tooth for internal injuries or any cracks below the gum line.

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