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Hall Crown Technique for Kids in Palo Alto

Any parent who has scheduled their little one to have tooth decay treated understands what an event it can be! At Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to provide our patients with positive, comfortable dental experiences, so we offer the best pediatric dental crowns for kids in Palo Alto using a minimally invasive procedure called the Hall technique (HT).
This minimally invasive dentistry uses a modern approach for treating decayed baby teeth in children. It manages the diseased tissue so your child can continue to grow and develop without having your child’s teeth extracted in order to preserve their precious smile.
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What Is the Dental Hall Technique?

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The Hall crown technique has been around for many decades, but it has recently gained popularity. It is the best minimally invasive dentistry treatment for kids in Palo Alto that’s used to treat baby molars affected by dental caries and prevent the need for injections, drilling, and extractions.

Using the Hall technique in deep caries makes the procedure more comfortable for young patients. During the procedure, the dentist places a crown over the decaying baby molar. This treatment does not require your child to be put under anesthesia, and it requires little to no drilling.

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Why the Hall Technique Works for Kids' Cavities

This minimally invasive dentistry technique does not require our pediatric dentist to remove the cavity. Instead, the decay is sealed off from the rest of the mouth, keeping it from spreading. Yes, the cavity will remain in your child's tooth, but it freezes in place and will not get any bigger.

When tooth decay is caught and treated early, the cavity may be small enough that your child will remain symptom-free until the tooth naturally falls out.

Is the Hall Technique Ever Not Effective?

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A large cavity may reach the tooth's nerve, causing your child to experience pain and discomfort. In this case, the Hall technique is less effective. This technique is more suitable for treating small areas of decay, but the patient must keep the crown and surrounding gum tissue clean.

What to Expect at My Child's Cavity Treatment

At Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry in Palo Alto, we use the Hall Technique because it requires no anesthesia and no drilling for kids' dentist visits. This minimally invasive dentistry for kids is often used in conjunction with silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to halt the spread of decay.

After the application of SDF, the crown is fitted onto the tooth, and your child bites down to help put it in place. The crown protects the tooth, keeps the decay from spreading, and covers the staining caused by SDF. There is minimal to no discomfort throughout the procedure, making it more tolerable for our young patients.

Learn More About SDF

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What Is the Success Rate of the Hall Technique?

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Studies have determined that this technique has a success rate of over 90%! It has proved to be comparable to traditional dental crown techniques. However, its success depends on how much tooth decay is present and the at-home oral habits of the patient.

Want to leverage the best minimally invasive dentistry for kids in Palo Alto to protect your child’s teeth?

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