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Oral Habit-Breaking Appliance for Kids in Palo Alto

Some oral habits, such as thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting, cause problems with tooth alignment when they aren't addressed in early childhood. Although your little one may look cute as they suck on their thumb, this habit can lead to significant dental issues in the long term.
At Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry, we can help your children break these habits with specialized oral appliances. These best habit-breaking appliances in Palo Alto prevent future damage and ensure the jawbone grows in proper alignment.
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What Is an Oral Habit-Breaking Device?

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An oral habit appliance is a device that is used to help children stop sucking their thumbs. These appliances are also called habit-breaking appliances and are usually made from metal. A habit appliance is placed on the inside of the front teeth and resembles a metal retainer.

Some oral habit appliances are removable, while others are attached. The upper molars may hold them in place so the device can physically stop the bad habit and remind your child not to engage in it.

At What Age Can My Child Get an Oral Habit-Breaking Device?

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Most children grow out of a thumb-sucking habit early in childhood. However, if they reach four years of age and continue to suck their thumb, it's essential to schedule an appointment with Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry in Palo Alto to correct this harmful habit.

Other indications that your child requires an oral habit appliance include lip biting or teeth grinding. If your child has bite issues, they might benefit from the use of a habit-breaking device.

Does an Oral Habit-Breaking Appliance Hurt?

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Habit-breaking appliances are painless to put on and do not hurt to wear. However, it may take some time for your child to get used to the appliance. Their tongue may occasionally rub against the device, becoming sore. The device may also make it more difficult to speak clearly.

Neither issue will last long, but your child may be cranky for a few days because they can no longer soothe themselves by sucking their thumb. Eventually, this will pass and your child will find new ways to comfort themselves.

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Benefits of Oral Habit-Breaking Appliances for Kids

When it comes to thumb-sucking, lip-sucking, and mouth-breathing, you'll want to stop your child's habit quickly to prevent the following:

  • Teeth spacing issues , like overcrowding and crooked teeth

  • Bite issues, like underbites or overbites

  • Early orthodontic treatment

Early intervention is the best way to save your child from dealing with the troubles that will appear later in life.

Ready to leverage the best habit-breaking appliances in Palo Alto to protect your child's precious smile?

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