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Little Bytes Pediatric MI Paste

What is MI Paste?

MI paste is a tooth cream that can be applied to teeth daily to ensure your child’s teeth are receiving essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphate. MI paste is water based and sugar-free.


What are the Benefits?

Pediatric dentist, Dr. Michelle Haghpanah in Palo Alto, recommends MI paste to relieve tooth sensitivity and remineralize teeth. MI Paste can be used after brushing, tooth whitening , orthodontic treatment or for everyday use. MI Paste is safe and effective in remineralizing teeth.


Are there Side Effects?

MI Paste is derived from milk protein and may not be suitable for individuals who suffer from allergies to caseins. If your child is sensitive to caseins, please inform our office staff.


Dentist Recommended

MI Paste is recommended by Dr. Michelle Haghpanah as a safe and effective way to ensure your child’s teeth are receiving calcium and phosphate to keep their teeth strong. Our patients and staff love MI Paste.


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