Just Say “No” To Juice

Just Say “No” To Juice

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Just Say “No” To Juice

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Don’t let fruit juices over-sweeten your already sweet baby! While some parents may assume that fruit juices are a healthy alternative to sodas or other caffeinated drinks for little ones, the American Dental Association suggests NOT giving children fruit juices within at least their first year of life. In fact, store-bought fruit juices are often just as if not more sugary and dangerous for kids than many sodas and sports’ drinks!

Most fruit juices don’t offer enough or any nutritional content for young children, and can take away from other nourishing supplements like breast milk or formula for protein and vitamins, fats and minerals. They can also serve as a sort of “gateway” for children to fall to regularly drinking sodas, sports drinks, and copious amounts of caffeinated beverages later in life. Whole fruits offer more fiber and are less likely to cause dental decay as they aren’t as direct of a pure sugar intake source. If your kids are craving something sweet, suggest strawberries or apples as an after meal-time snack, rather than endangering their oral and overall health by encouraging little ones to drink sugary juices.

Allowing your children to have an over-intake of sugar can lead to health problems and especially to early tooth decay. Tooth decay is the number one chronic illness reported amongst pediatric professionals in the U.S. By just saying “no” to juice, you can save your child the agony that accompanies cavities!

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