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What is Air Abrasion?

Air abrasion is an alternative method of removing cavities or discoloration. Rather than “drilling” teeth, a stream of aluminum oxide, baking soda or silica is placed on the tooth with a “pen-like instrument”. The air abrasion acts like a mini-sandblaster.


Air abrasion is a great alternative to drilling for young children and patients with dental fear or anxiety, because there is no high pitched noise, pressure or vibration. Air abrasion focuses only the cavity or discoloration, leaving healthy tooth structure intact. Additionally, most patients do not need local anesthesia for cavities that are treated with air abrasion. No local anesthesia means that your child will be able to eat after their filling appointment.


Air abrasion cannot be used on all cavities, ask Dr. Michelle if your child’s cavity is one that air abrasion can be used on.


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